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This is the Blog of Brian DeLong. I am a 21 year old Student at Saint Joseph’s University that is a Marketing Major with a Minor in Communications. I started this Blog, LoudNoises, during the Fall semester of Senior year as a requirement for a Communications class. The purpose of this blog is to discuss real world current events, and the secondary purpose is to share the music, sports, and overall things that I find interesting with the rest of the world. First, here is a little information about myself. I was born in New Hampshire in June 1991, but I grew up most of my life in a Suburb of Rochester, NY called Fairport. I have a great family that has supported me my whole life in everything that I have done. My Mom (Laurie) and my Dad (Paul) have tried to do nothing but the best for me over the course of my life, and I am blessed to have them for that.  I have a younger sister (Caroline) that is a soccer superstar in my hometown of Fairport, and is one of the smartest people I know (and shes only in 9th grade!).

On a personal level I have been highly involved with sports my whole life. The first time I really became involved with sports was at the age of 4 on the snowy slopes of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia when I learned to Ski. Since that day I haven’t stopped playing sports and being interested in them. Throughout my youth I have played organized hockey and soccer while also being a member of the Fairport Crew Club in High School, and a member of the Saint Joseph’s University Men’s Rowing team during my Freshman (09-10) and Sophomore (10-11) years. My relationship with sports has also led to another major interest that I have. Music. Ever since I have been part of organized sports I have paid close attention to music as a form of motivation, relaxation, and enjoyment. Anyone that really knows me knows that I am thoroughly in tune with today’s popular music. Through this blog I will hope to spread some of my knowledge about popular music and the music that I love (regardless of whether it is popular or not!).


-Brian DeLong


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