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I Think There Might Be A Misunderstanding…

I have known her throughout her whole life. Yes there have been tough times, and yes there will be tough times ahead. The successes have been amazing though, and have opened my eyes and many others. I am of course talking about my 13 year old cousin Meg who is mildly autistic. Most people see those with autism to be incapable of a normal life or to excel and do amazing things. I have seen what is possible through Meg’s accomplishments and talents and believe that autism is not a curse. We must all recognize that and make the changes so everyone regardless of their situation can succeed.


TED Talk 2012

So I had a really hard time coming up with what I want to bring to the table for this TED Talk assignment. I thought about what I’m passionate about, what I’ve seen in my life, and ultimately what I’ve done with my life so far. Needless to say none of that really helped me come up with a topic that I actually feel strongly about. That was until I was editing a photograph for a different class and realized what I needed to talk about.

I plan on talking about my amazing and talented 13 year old cousin Meg. I have decided to talk about her because she is amazingly talented at photography, along with numerous other things, and because she is autistic. She is one of the most caring and also brutally honest people I know, she takes some great photographs, and while she sees the world differently than most of us I sometimes think she sees it a lot clearer than the rest of us do. She’s an inspiring individual and she proves that if you’re passionate about something that anything is possible.