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What About This Blog?

Critiquing oneself is often one of the most difficult things to do. In this post I will be talking about this blog as it pertains to usability, or how user-friendly it is, based on the book Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. The first thing about my blog, LoudNoises, that is noticeable are the images. While I think that they images are cool for the site I know that with the blog’s content right now they probably are not the best option and should be changed to be more relatable to the content of the blog up to this point. However, in the postings I think that the images have been extremely relatable and fit well with the contents of the post when used. I feel that the postings have also done an excellent job of including links to sites discussed when necessary by creating small hyperlinks at the end of posts mentioning specific sites.

Staying on the media track only one specific video has been used in a post, the visual story, but when referencing more than one video links have been used for the user to see said videos. The posts overall have been broken up to make them more readable, but moving forward I would like to employ a little more visual hierarchy within those chunks themselves to make the post much more scannable for the users.

From a design standpoint the site could use some work. I would like to create a more distinct homepage describing the mission of the blog more apparent while also leaving the most recent post on that homepage with a different tab to get to all the posts in the descending manner they are in right now. I feel that the user would be more able to filter what they want to find if done in that way instead of having to scroll through all the posts on just one page. The best feature of the site would have to be the choice in color right now with the white text used against the black background, and the dark blue text used as links or tags.

The site right now is very simple, but it could be more broken down into an even more streamlined manner like I discussed in the last paragraph. It does have many basic conventions which are helpful in the form of the search box, tags, a link back to the main page in the form of the blog name, and obvious tabs to other pages within the site. The site does not have a true tagline, and by adding one the mission of the blog would become more clear. The biggest improvements could be made in the about section, because it describes the author and the blog at the same time. If separated the blog might have a better chance of being understood while not taking away from the users ability to find out about the site author on a different page.

Overall the blog needs some work, but I believe it has a solid basic platform that can be easily built upon from a usability standpoint.



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