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The Interplay of Sound and Image

The relationship between sound and images is very similar to another one of my favorite relationships. Peanut butter and jelly. While both can stand on their own just fine they truly do complete each other when put together. Images are necessary for sound to be utilized to the fullest effect because they create a backdrop or a face for the sounds. They allow us as the viewer/listener to better understand what is being said or heard because our senses are better able to visualize our own personal stories.

For example, in the piece about the free runners they discuss the camaraderie and competition within their group and follow that up by showing pictures of the group hanging out but also performing stunts in the streets and alleys in their hometown of Portland. While I am no free runner by any stretch of the imagination I was able to attach my own personal values and memories from my days of High School Rowing in my hometown of Fairport, because I made the connection between their experiences being described and the images that they presented. The most important job of intertwining sound and image is to elicit that memory retrieval and allow the viewer to relate to whatever you are trying to get across.


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