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Storytelling is one of the most unique traits of human beings. Everyone has a story to tell whether they know it or not. What is interesting is just how diverse storytelling truly is, because it is developed through personal experiences. The personal experiences that one takes part in every second that they are awake is seen and interpreted differently than everyone else around them, and that is what makes storytelling amazing. You can be in the same place, and doing the same thing, as all your friends but your experiences of a moment are solely yours. Therefore, the story you tell will always be completely unique and original when you present it.

A personal example that I have goes back to when I was ten years old. My family and I went to disney world, and while I loved it, there was one moment in particular that my story will be completely different in tone and content than my family. That’s because it was a moment of shear terror for me, and total happiness for the rest of my family. I am of course talking about the moment I went on my first roller coaster and was then terrified for the next 6 years of getting on one again. While I’m still not fond of roller coasters this moment is a great example of the diversity and unpredictability that comes with storytelling.


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