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A Visual Story: The Search For Food in Chinatown

So for my visual story I went to a place that while I have been nearby numerous times, but I never truly went and explored this place. The place I speak of is of course Chinatown. The theme for my story all started with my roommates actually. I had been brainstorming with them on a place that I should go to for this project, and after some back and forth arguing about which place was cooler than the next two of my roommates said simultaneously I’m hungry and Chinatown. Thats when it clicked, and we headed off to Chinatown to satisfy our cravings. I have to admit I was quite disappointed in my photography skills in this case because half of the pictures, with some of them being pretty hilarious moments with the roommates in a fish market, got completely washed out and over exposed for reasons I cannot quite explain.

Anyways, we ended up eating a restaurant called Banana Leaf. Let me tell you this place was great and the staff were very welcoming to my picture taking, which I was genuinely afraid was going to be a problem. The one thing that I really took away from just walking around Chinatown is that there really is so much history in many of the buildings and people down there, and for that I greatly respect the people that have fought tooth and nail to keep it that way for future generations to come.


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