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The Storytelling of TED Talks

Storytelling is an art and a skill. There is no doubt about it. If you can tell a story you have the ability to communicate knowledge in the most efficient way known to mankind. The TED Talks are excellent examples of people that have perfected their own brand of storytelling to the degree that it is effortless.

The first TED Talk that I watched was with chef Dan Barber, and his love story with fish, was an excellent example of relating personal stories to a major issue concerning all of mankind. He spoke from a perspective that most people can understand and relate too when discussing the issue of overfishing our oceans. I found his discussion to be a well told story because he begins with a failure that leads into him finding what he believes to be the perfect solution in the creation of a perfect ecosystem.

The second talk I watched was with the discovery channels Mike Rowe. He tells a story in a similar manner in the sense that he discusses what he considers to be a major mistake regarding one of his episodes where they were castrating sheep. He admits that he realized in his moment of mistake there are many moments where he is wrong without even realizing it. What I really liked about his storytelling style was that he kept it loose but ultimately ties his experiences back to the serious matter of work in the US. He brings up how he thought he knew how to work, but he comes to the realization that people today have a negative thought associated with work and that no one realizes the importance of loving your work anymore.

The final talk that I watched was with former child soldier Emmanuel Jal who used the art of poetry and song too get out his message for the saving of Africa’s youth. Emmanuel is excellent at using his own personal story of struggle to elicit a strong sense of emotional connection. His style is very straight forward with very little humor compared to the past two talks I have discussed, however he uses his gift of poetry and storytelling to keep the mood light and interesting. He used his personal story in an excellent manner as a way to garner support for his cause of educating the future youth of Africa.

The real key to take from these talks is that there is no right or wrong way to tell a story as long as you make it personal, passionate, and ultimately relate-able to your audience.

Talks Link: TED


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