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What’s this blogging thing?

It seems that most people in today’s world have heard the words blog or blogging more than they care to remember. However, do most people even know what a blog really is or what it looks like? I personally know that if I put my whole family in front of a computer screen, and opened a blog and Twitter side to side they would not be able to tell me the difference between the two. So a blog is in its simplest form just a series of posts written and organized in reverse chronological order on a webpage. The truth is in all honesty that any webpage you visit that follows those simple guidelines is a blog, and or that reason a blog can take on any look you can imagine.

The look of a blog is often defined by the content that the blog is aiming to speak on. For example take the Grantland blog associated with ESPN. This blog covers sports and pop culture in its entirety giving it quite a wide audience. The blog is well organized, very “clean”, and streamlined so that even the first time visitor has little to no difficulty in navigating the page. The images on the page are all associated with either sports or pop culture and there is virtually no deviation from that.

Another blog that I think provides a good example of what a successful blog is the SBNation sports blog. Under the banner of SBNation there are hundreds of subsidiary blogs for each professional and some college sports teams across the country and the world. All of these blogs do a great job of making the theme match up with whatever team their representing. These blogs are extremely easy to navigate but are very informative if you religiously follow a team as they are updated very frequently.

Here are a couple links to the two blogs I’ve discussed:SBNation, Grantland


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